Top 3 Mona Tools Launched in October

The Mona team has launched 3 new tools in October for our builders. Learn more about our AI Material Designer, VOX Importer and Light Probe Generator.

Example of MagicaVoxel assets
Example of MagicaVoxel assets

In case you missed it, the Mona team has been busy last month launching new tools for our builders. Here are our top 3 tools that you should check out if you haven't already.

1. The AI Material Designer

The AI Material Designer is a tool that allows you to create tileable materials/textures for your assets based on text prompts.

Learn more about the AI Material Designer tool here:

2. VOX Importer:

The VOX Importer allows you to import .vox files into unity to add to your spaces as standard assets. Learn more about it here:

3. Light Probe Generator:

You can now use the Light Probe Generator tool to help light up your world quickly and easily. You can add one light Probe generator, or multiple, it all depends on the needs of your space.

Learn more about it here: