Mona Community Updates - 11.18.22

TL;DR: Mona x Tom Sachs Rocket Factory: The Final Frontier, Mona is heading to Art Basel for Miami & upcoming events.

Mona Community Updates - 11.18.22
Sneak peek of Tom Sachs Rocket Factory - The Final Frontier on Mona

We have a lot of exciting updates for those who missed out on our Community Call today - don't worry, we have you covered.

🪐 Mona X Tom Sachs Rocket Factory: The Final Frontier

The Final Frontier is a new phase of the Tom Sachs Rocket Factory. This trans-dimensional NFT project is entering the metaverse with a thousand of unique worlds on Mona. 🚀

See the teaser trailer here:

Collect your Mars Rock here:

🌴 Mona @ Art Basel Miami

Stay tuned for a very special announcement next week about where to find us at Art Basel. If you'll be in Miami, you'll want to toggle your notifications on for us on Twitter.

👀 Keep Exploring with our Reactor Upgrades - On Interact & On Look

Mona is now more interactive than ever! Build interactive maps, NPC dialog systems, or even a game of Battleship — the sky is the limit with the OnInteract & OnLook upgrades to the Mona Reactor system ⚙️

Check out a demo made by the incredible @TomMoore here:

Upcoming Events 📆

🛠 Mona Workshop with @ Matt Empire - 11/20 @ 9pm EST

Take the assets from the last few workshops with Matt and put them together to build a racetrack in a Mona Space.

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👾Mona Mondays: AI vs. VR - 11/21 @ 3pm EST

Join us for another Mona Mondays with very special guests! This week we'll be discussing AI vs. VR - how are they similar, how are they different, & how are they influencing the Metaverse?

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🎙Variety Verse #3 - 11/23 @ 8pm EST

Join us for our third immersive Variety Show featuring 5 talented artists! Held on Twitter & in Mona.

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